Rio Bravo Ranch - Picual Olio Nuovo – 2020

Rio Bravo Ranch - Picual Olio Nuovo – 2020

SKU: OO-olio pic-250



The very same clementine farm that inspired The Spirit Guild also produces award-winning organic olive oil. Olio Nuovo is a limited seasonal delicacy. This 250 ml bottle of unfiltered olive oil is brimming with flavor and will change the way you think of about olive oil!

Shipping Available to anywhere in California via UPS!
Email: for a list of retailers that ship nationwide!***

Curbside schedule:

Mon / Wed / Fri 11am - 4pm

Call 714-798-3206 to notify us when you arrive. We will bring your order out and place it on the outside window ledges of our Tasting Room. The Spirit Guild is located at 586 Mateo Street Los Angeles, CA 90013



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